Historic Route 66

For nearly 60 years, a 2-lane road running 2,448 miles connected Chicago to Los Angeles. For Oklahomans it was the path to promise to escape the Dust Bowl that ravaged the Midwest, and lead them to greener pastures in Arizona and beyond.

Now Route 66 is a nostalgic destination for travelers of all ages. Oklahoma is home to the longest stretch of original Route 66- about 400 miles. While you are traveling the Mother Road, be sure to come through Claremore and visit our great Route 66 attractions.

Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park, Foyil, Oklahoma

On your journey to Claremore, stop by Totem Pole Park, north of Claremore in Foyil on Historic Route 66. It is the largest and oldest example of folk art in Oklahoma. Between 1937 and 1948, Galloway, 1 of Oklahoma’s premier folk artists, created a 90 foot tall main totem pole heavily carved with bas-relief designs. While you are there be sure to go in the Fiddle House, an 11-sided building resembling a Navajo hogan, decorated with totemic columns and Native American portraits, that houses Galloway’s fiddles.

There are also 3 other totem poles on property, picnic tables, and barbecue and fireplace making it a perfect pit stop on your way to Claremore.
Ed Galloways Totem Pole

J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum, Claremore, OK

The J.M. Davis Gun Museum is located on the original stretch of Route 66 in Claremore. Explore an amazing collection of World War I posters, antique saddles, a fascinating outlaw section with guns used by notorious criminals like Pretty Boy Floyd and Pancho Villa, and much more.

This Route 66 attraction is 1 that you will want to spend hours in exploring. While you are here, stop for a photo opportunity with the new Route 66 sign in the parking lot. View the Gun Museum webpage for additional information.
JM Davis Arms and Historical Museum

Will Rogers Memorial Museum

Come view the inspiring life of Oklahoma statesman Will Rogers at this beautiful museum in Claremore. The exhibits of art, documents, and artifacts showcase Rogers’ life as a trick roper, actor and writer, among many other things. They have a great gift shop with Route 66 memorabilia, Western heritage items, Native American artifacts, and much more.
Will Rogers Memorial Museum

The Nut House

Just south of Claremore on Route 66 is The Nut House, a great unique stop for travelers with Made in Oklahoma snacks, treats, Route 66 memorabilia, fresh pecans, great lunch from Hot Mama’s Deli, and much more.
The Nut House

The Blue Whale, Catoosa, Oklahoma

The Blue Whale is a roadside Route 66 attraction in Catoosa, just south of Claremore and is one of the most recognizable icons on Route 66. Built in 1972 as an anniversary gift, the Blue Whale quickly became a local summer spot and family destination. They could jump off his tail into the pond, slide down his water-coated fins, and poke their heads out the holes in the whales head. Travelers stopped by to picnic, swim, or fish.

Now you can no longer swim, but it's still the perfect spot to picnic, stop for a photo opportunity, walk out onto the whale, and enjoy a Route 66 icon.

Catoosa Blue Whale
Historic Route 66 Claremore, OK